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These two owners are crazy. I wish I had so much fun at work. What a blast. Ron had me trying all their sauces.. Holy crap they're good. Holy fu&^%  crap that Cremator is HOT.
I will be back.
Devon Smitt   Ajax

Just came back from Costa Rica,  looking for Lizano and FOUND it at Jungle Heat Imports
Jennifer P   Chicago

Ya I'm with Len, I want to open a store.
Frank   Regina

Tried Ron's Oink Burger.. you gotta try it    (It's under recipes)
so easy, so tasty
Mike H.

Love this store so much I'm thinking of opening one!
Len Cronin  Barrie Ontario

On my way out camping this weekend, I stop in at Jungle Heat imports to pick up some BBQ sauce and Chocolate. Made some smores  with the hot Chocolate, OMG !!! one huge problem, should of bought more hot chocolate. Holy $#%&*%^ they were good.
Evan W.

Hey man if you're smart you'll throw out your Frank's. Jungle Heat my new go to sauce.

Jungle Heat, need I say more. Mango Heat rules and won Champion of Champions of course!!!
Scott Morris  Toronto

I make my own Hot sauce
I stopped into the Pickering market thinking nothing would come close to my own sauce. Wow was I wrong. Never go into a hot sauce store saying I make my own. you will be sorry. There sauce is amazing! I think I'll leave the sauce department to Ron
Gabby S. NB

Just in from Australia  and happen onto the coolest place ever. Jungle Heat Imports is like nothing I have ever experienced before. We need one of theses stores down under.
Ian Shirk

If you think customer service is long gone, your wrong. We ran into store owners Ron and  Adrienne, what a great team, made us feel like family. Can't wait to go back.
Sue Chambers

The west needs  more Jungle Heat
Met Ron at a trade show in Calgary. Great products great guy. Glad they ship!
Jill M. Calgary

WHAT do you mean you have never been there?

Jungle Heat all the way!!
We just got married, as a last minute thought we had Jungle Heat Sauces personalized as gifts for our guests. It was a huge hit !
Thanks Ron and Adrienne for all hard work.
Rebekah and Adam

Every flavor is so good, there is a different sauce for anything you want to eat.My fav is Smoked Glaze, then Garlic Heat.  Thankyou for making awsome sauces.
Ken, Oshawa

I'm totally Mad
Love the Madness, I am now buying it by the case. Can't wait for the gallons to come in.
Gary: Toronto

Utra Hot, great taste my favorite hot sauce by far.
Scott & Sarah

Fiery Four
I tried them all,  bought them all, they are great.
Carmeron, Peterborough

What a find in my own back yard
I can't believe this great store is in my home town. A cool and differant place.The  owners are  friendly and helpful. On the spot they made a basket for my husbands birthday.He loved it !! We will be  back.

What can I Say
I put that $#%^* on everything

You gota try them
What tasty sauces, If you haven't tried them you'er missing out

Life long Chili Head
I Have been eating hot sauce as long as I can remember.I have had some bad sauces and some rally good sauces. last week I stoped in at Pickering and sampled the house brand ( Jungle Heat) I can say without hesitation Jungle Heat Sauces are the BEST I have ever had. !!!!
Phil, London

Time to restock
Can't wait to restock up on my Jungle Heat when we get back home next week. I'll bring a few friends some sauce back too.

Went into the store yesterday and was given a sample of one of the newest sauces Cremator. I must say I love the sauce. I added it to my turkey tacos for dinner, it added great flavour and the perfect heat. I would recommend using it for soups, dips and adding it to various dishes in moderation. This sauce has some very serious kick but is absolutly delicious! Great Job Adrienne and Ron!! Keep up the great work!! Missing out
If you haven't tried Jungle Heat sauces yet, your missing out.

Holy %^$*
Ron's nuts are crazy. I put them out for friends in my dorm to try. what a crazy night. They will never forget and niether will I.
Shawn / Waterloo

Courtice Market
I started buying Jungle Heat at the Coutice Market when I was visiting my family. Now I can by on line. Way to go guys !!
Darrel from Ottawa

Mango Heat
Nothing better than a sweet heat in my books. Your Mango is my perfect sauce.
Kathy from Whitby

Wine and food Show
Tried your stuff at the show in Toronto, and had to buy some. I can't get enough.

You Got to try it
If you like it hot and I mean Hot you got to try The Hottest We've Got.
The best I've ever had.

Holy Crap
This Shit is good stuff.
Mike from Sarnia

Mouth Watering
OMG! Met Ron yesterday with my son in Peterborough store and was in HEAVEN! I love the selection, he was awesome and let us try some ridiculously yummy HOT sauce! Not to mention a wonderful Slap Ya Mama hot shake. (the sample sauce was a great gesture!). Now I won't need to order online from the US.... this mouth watering joint is right in my back yard!

One of The Best
Met You at Canada Day Peterborough. Bought one each of Smokey Pepper Sauce and the Hot Sauce. Came home and made the dip with sour cream ... Awesome. One of if not the best I have ever had and have had some good ones. Keep it up. Cant wait to
make it to the store on Chemong. It wont be long as these bottles will be gone quick.
Ross Allison

Must Have
Jungle Heat is one of those "must have" items for the kitchen. Sometimes it's just to add a little zip to a sauce or spread over meatloaf, but on the table it can be used as a dip for chicken or meatballs, to spice up eggs, drizzle over pizza, spread on a sandwich, create a vegetable dip. It doesn't take over the flavour the way some hot sauces do so you can go wild without fear of losing the flavour of your food.
Ray & Leanna... Ottawa

Jungle Heat is the bomb
You guys are the easiest people to talk to. AND your hot sauce rocks. PLUS you carry other hot sauces ... why? Because yours is the best and you provide the rest as a community service·
Roadie ...Oshawa

Killer Sauce
Great way to heat up everything with lots of flavour!!!! Killer sauces.
Larry.. Canada

Hey, I met you at a party at In Season in Campbellford, I ended up getting the three pack you had for sale. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the BBQ sauce in the pack! I put it on everything haha. It's amazing on pizza and right now I'm using it as dipping sauce with my regular chips. It's wonderful.
Kayla... Ontaio

The best for sure....
Even my 10 year old can't get enough of this

Nothing Like it

Mark and Cindy

Drive to the ends of the earth

We drive over an hour and a half one way to get our fix our JUNGLE HEAT. We would drive further
if we had to. Jungle Heat you rule the sauce world without a dought.
Dave and Sonia

The Real Stuff
OH YA !!!!!!!J ust found your store today. OMG OMG Forget about that groc store across the way, Just walk on over to JungleHeat and get the REAL stuff. Unlike my hubby I like the not so hot, but still they have something for me as well, I even got to try a sample. Not to mention the GREAT customer service !!!
Jim And Trudy

I am Sold!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I opened all the sauces I bought today including the jelly and tasted them with dinner. Very tastey.
All had their own distinct flavours. The hot sauce was mild for me which now I need to step it up and raise the bar the "fire meter"!!! The Pepper Jelly was outstanding. Mild but excellent in flavour.

I have had many different brands of sauces for wings etc. And I have to congratulate you both on your product and brand. .

Perfect Combo
Great sauces (Garlic Habanero is my personal fav.) and great people behind Jungle Heat made them the perfect choice for sauces at my upcoming wedding. We are going with their own BBQ sauce for the pork with the Garlic Habanero and XXX Habanero on the side for the heat lovers. !!!
Roadie of "The No Talent Bums"

I'm Hooked
The sauces and jellies at Jungle Heat are some of the best I've ever had! They beat any store brand and carry their own distinct flavor and taste. Ive used the sauces on fajitas and stir frys and am currently hooked on the jelly with rice crackers! And of course, the service the owners give is extremely friendly and kind with knowledge and care of their products. Thank you for sharing your Costa Rican speciality with us here in Canada!!
Liz :)

What A Dip!!

Add any Jungle heat sauce to sour cream or ranch dressing, Wow what a great dip. Fresh veggies, nachos,chips, baked potatoes and don't forget your pizza crust
Laura H. Ottawa

We enjoyed a Family BBQ on the weekend, everyone loved your BBQ sauce on there chicken.Thankyou Jungle Heat for a great new sauce! We will need another fix very soon.
Janett and Steve LINDSAY

Burgers to die for!
Last night we had home made burgers. I mixed your Pepper Glaze in before cooking, Awesome, forget seconds, they wanted thirds.
Satisfied and full !
Barb B.C.

It's Chilli in the Jungle
My husband added your hot sauce and garlic sauce to his chilli, what a difference to the taste, totally delicious. Know more leftovers!!
Jo and Dieter Regina

Grilled fish
My wife hates fish but I love it, Last night I grilled some salmon and put your glaze over it. I was able to get my wife to try, now she wants to know when I'm cooking it again. Thank you Jungle Heat now I can enjoy my fish more often.!!
Stephen and Amy Whitby

Veggies all the way
Jungle Heat, a great sauce for us veggies lovers, it's about time THANKYOU!!!!
John and Sandy Ajax

Hot Sauce
My son and I eat your hot sauce on everything, finally a great tasting hot sauce with flavor and heat, Way to go Jungle Heat !!

David and Josh Alberta

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